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Erindale's Ministries



Sunday morning worship is central to the life of Erindale.  We are constantly working toward making our worship family-friendly and inclusive.  We are conscious about the language we use & the music selections we make so that all are able to participate meaningfully.

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Contact the Church Office  |  Tel: 905-277-4564

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Erindale is at the very heart of who we are.  We strive to care for our faith family wherever they are on their journey to healing:  Mind, body and spirit.

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Contact the Church Office  |  Tel: 905-277-4564


Children & Youth

We have a variety of opportunities for Children and Youth ages 0-15.  From Sunday morning Nursery and Children's Church to Summer Camp, Youth Group & Retreats, there is something for everyone.

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Contact the Church Office  |  Tel: 905-277-4564


Get Married @ Erindale!

Celebrating your wedding at Erindale provides families with an historic, intimate space (up to 120 guests) and supportive staff who will help you prepare a joyous and memorable ceremony.  We are close to beautiful Erindale Park, which would be perfect for your photographs following the ceremony.

You don’t have to be a member at Erindale to be married in our Church. You could be a member of another church or have no religious affiliation at all — either is OK.

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Contact the Church Office  |  Tel: 905-277-4564


Seniors Ministry

During non-covid times we offer

opportunities for seniors to gather

for lunch, tea,  communion, to hear special speakers, and more.

Contact Anne Marie Lorenz  |  Tel: 905-277-4564



We believe that at the very heart of the Christian faith is love and service to others.  We are learning how to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and invite you to journey with us.

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Contact Bill Raney or Sherri-Lynn Henry |  Tel: 905-277-4564


Memory Garden

The Memory Garden began in 1994.  It is an important and unique part of Erindale’s grounds.  It has been designated as a place where we scatter the ashes of loved ones, and it continues to give family members comfort.  It has also become a place of quiet contemplation, a little pocket of peace in the midst of busy Mississauga.  Feel free to visit and enjoy its beauty whenever you wish!  If you would like to have your loved one's ashes scattered or buried in our garden, please contact our office at

Contact Martha Fini  |  Tel: 905-277-4564

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